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How to use Taobao – Your guide in English

How to useTaobao if the page is in Mandarin? Here you will learn how to search, buy, use the App, add payment methods, etc. We are your guide in English to learn how to use Taobao and buy online whatever you want. Every day we have more and better pages to buy in China in order to meet the growing demand of consumers. China is at the forefront of online sales and shopping platforms and Taobaohaul has been created to inform you how to buy in Chinese online, the safest pages to buy and tips for your order to arrive at home, we want to be your guide in Spanish.

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Why buy in

Having the giant Amazon leading e-commerce Why use Taobao? Why buy in China? We all know that the big industries are there, that way when you buy in Taobao, Tmall, Jd, or another online store China, you are buying directly from the manufacturer or its first distribution line, which allows you to have a much cheaper product or item. You’re going to get to buy cheaper than aliexpress. Since every online store has excellent customer service, it allows you to cancel a sale, track purchase, scores, etc.

In this guide you will find not 5 but 7 websites where you can buy it in China on the internet very cheap. Another fact: The pages are in Mandarin, but that’s no problem, you can use a translator to have Taobao in Spanish or English.

List of stores like Taobao

What and how to buy in Taobao

The websites to buy online such as Taobao, Tmall, Jd, have given us access to gadgets and things that are sold the most online, which maybe we could not get so easily in Latin American countries. With the rise of e-commerce it is already a reality to buy in China from Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Paraguay, Venezuela, Ecuador, including Panama, Honduras, Mexico, Dominican Republic, United States, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Spain. Products from technology-recognized brands such as Huawei, Sony, Samsung, Lexar; Personally used items such as dresses, shirts, intimate clothing, fashionable clothing, dresses, shoes, slippers, toys, spare parts, books, everything you’re looking for or need now within a click.

If you are new to this world you will have many questions and doubts, how to buy in Taobao? here you will have the information, how does Taobao work? How to create an account in Taobao?, we explain, how to use Taobao? we have a detailed video, how to put Taobao in Spanish or English? we use google translator, how to import from China? we give you the details. Is Taobao safe? Of course! TaobaoHaul is the place for you as you will learn how to buy and import the best products from China. Big brands: Nike, Adidas, Xiaomi, Motorola, Asus and many more you can also buy on

To make your payments in Taobao you will have to set up your Alipay account, this is a payment processor very similar to Paypal, the process is very simple, I explain in this post.

Intermediaries to buy in Taobao

The key fact: The pages mentioned in this portal (Taobao, Tmall, 1688) only allow you to buy and send to Chinese territory, for this reason intermediaries to buy in China (agent china shipping) are indispensable to import your purchases. It is almost impossible to buy in Taobao without agents. Here’s a list of some of the intermediaries that exist today. Review its regulations in detail and select the one that is most convenient for you. The great thing about intermediaries is that they have their pages in Spanish or English, in addition to having a buy for me system that translates Taobao into English. You know how it works, so put on batteries and buy.

The best Taobao agents

Taobao Dropshipping

✅ Dropshipping is a great idea to earn extra income. The dropshipping industry is continuously growing and in China there are several platforms that simplify this task, for example, the CssBuy platform has this service.

✅ Beyond Dropshipping whether you want to do it or not, personally I consider that it increases the costs of the articles and you lose your end customer, affecting your Brand in the future; the final decision is yours. Success in your purchases!

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