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Basetao in English

Basetao has been an agency of Taobao for many years, they are a team of professionals who will help you buy in Taobao and its friendly websites with ease. Its only goal is to offer an ever better service so that the customer has a wonderful shopping experience. Basetao is committed to providing the highest quality services so that the customer enjoys easier, more convenient and efficient purchases from Taobao.


Why choose Basetao?

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  • You can buy on web portals such as Taobao, Jd, 1688 among others
  • You can save your purchase for up to 180 days.
  • Purchase review to ensure product quality.
  • Have the BuyForMe, ShipForMe, SearchForMe, and DropShip service
  • Lower service rate and convenient order note function.
  • High-end technology support, fast purchase.
  • No language barrier.
  • Insurance policy to ensure the safety of your package.
  • Cheaper multilingual payment and shipping methods

Steps to buy at Basetao

  1. Sign up for Basetao
  2. Make your purchase
  3. Wait for the purchase to arrive at the Warehouse
  4. Request shipping to your country (Check shipping costs, using calculator)
  5. Ready, just wait for the purchase to reach its destination.

List of prohibited products in Basetao

  • Animals, rare and endangered plants (including specimens) and their seeds, breeding materials.
  • Gold, silver, precious metals and their ornaments
  • National currency;
  • Foreign currency and marketable securities;
  • Radio transceiver and communications security machine;
  • Beautiful Chinese herbal medicines;
  • General cultural relics;
  • Other items whose export is restricted by Customs.
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Does the purchasing agent or Intermediary Basetao send to my country?

Intermediaries to buy in China use postal services and private courier companies (UPS, DHL, EMS, China Post, etc.), facilitating shipping to international destination United States.

Shopping unboxing in China

I have been shopping in the Chinese market for years using pages like Aliexpress, Banggood, Gearbest, Lightinthebox, among others and I decided to go further buying in Taobao, leaving in these videos my experience.