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The best Taobao agent

Agents to buy in China (agent china shipping) are indispensable to import your orders. Here’s a list of some of the existing ones today. Review its regulations in detail and select the one that is most convenient for you. The great thing about intermediaries is that they have their pages in Spanish or English, in addition to having a purchasing system (Buy for me) that translates Taobao into English and some Taobao in Spanish.

List of agents to buy in China

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Purchasing agents in China for all countries

These intermediaries to buy in China use postal services and private courier companies (UPS, DHL, EMS, China Post, etc.), facilitating shipping to many international destinations and almost all of Latin America, (United States).

I have bought in Chinese for several years and have shared my experience on the YouTube channel.


BUY in CHINA with CONFIDENCE. I’m going to show you my last shipments with these two virtual lockers. With this information you will have enough reasons to buy in China and save a lot of money.
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