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How to buy original tennis shoes on Taobao?

In you will find thousands of products of both low and very high quality, the important thing about buying on Taobao is that you will find the best price in the international market since the large manufacturing companies are located in China.

Where to buy original tennis?

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One of the items used for centuries has been shoes and in recent decades it has gained greater strength due to its designs, styles and uses. Companies like Nike, Adidas, Puma, fight the market behind the production of sneakers, these big brands, as well as others, have their online store in (friendly page of, just enter and find your favorite style.

How to select the right shoe for me?

Since everything is in Mandarin in the Tmall online store, you will need a couple of helps to choose the right shoe for you very well. The first thing is to know if the footwear is for men or for women and the second is to identify the size. The key is in how many centimeters your foot measures, with that data everything will be super easy.

  1. Men’s shoes is: 男鞋
  2. Women’s Shoes is: 女鞋
  3. Chinese Size: 中等 CHN

Example: My foot measures 26.5Cm (265mm), according to this data my size is:
USA: 8.5 – 9
EUR: 42 – 43
UK: 7.5 – 8
In the end I bought size 42 and super good!

International size chart

Image No 1

Image No 2