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Taobao FAQs – Shopping in China

1. is it in English or Spanish?
Natively it is not in another language, only Mandarin Chinese, you will need to translate the page to navigate easily, I recommend this article, you will learn how to translate it and you will have at hand a series of recommendations.

2. Do I need to have a bank account in China in order to purchase?
It is no longer necessary, for several years Alipay has disrupted the use of international cards to buy at any establishment that uses Alipay as a payment processor, remember that Alipay is similar to Paypal. Learn how to pay with Alipay.

3. Do I need a telephone number from China to register for Taobao?
You don’t need a number from China, but if you need to have your cell phone number handy as registration requires it, here’s an article on how to create your account.

4. Does Taobao ship directly to my country?
Taobao is a platform made for China, that is, that every purchase made on its web portal will be sent to an address in the Asian continent, so you will need an intermediary, purchasing agent or virtual locker that sends the purchase to your destination country, see the list we choose from the best intermediaries.

5. Do I have to buy wholesale?
No, on Taobao and similar websites you can buy from 1 unit to what they have in stock, the important thing to keep in mind are the import limitations of your country.

6. What is the average delivery time?
Your purchase is on the other side of the world so you have to be patient, the whole process from purchase to arrival at your destination address can take 1 month and a little more.

7. Can’t buy in, what can I do?
In can’t buy because to do this if you need to be a resident of China, however, you can use the agent to buy in this online store

8. Is the quality of the products in Taobao good?
In Taobao you will find from the highest quality to the lowest, everything depends on what you are looking for, for example, in Tmall, everything you find there will be of great brands, you will not find any replica shop or something like that. Also remember to see your seller’s grades so you’re calm.