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Buy in Xianyu, second hand products in China – Idle Fish

Xianyu (Idle Fish), is a platform of Alibaba group for the sale of used products, this platform is widely used in China with sales ranging in the 170million a year, you can find products with a few days of use at very affordable prices, it is a sea of products so the key is to search patiently, the app is in Mandarin so you will have to constantly use the translator.

How to buy in Xianyu, official store

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To buy in Xianyu you need to meet several requirements, these are simple, at first it may seem complicated, but it is not, even if it is your first time in this Chinese market, with this guide you will have everything at hand. The official website is:, but this will always lead you to use the App.

  • You must have a login, learn how to create your Taobao account.
  • Download Xianyu App
  • Download Taobao App (Recommended, not required)
  • Download Alipay China App (Recommended, not required)
  • Use a purchasing agent in China (I use Wegobuy)

Xianyu App, search for items

Download the Xianyu App from this barcode.

After creating your account, with your username and password you will log into the Taobao App, then open the Xianyu App, and connect it to the Taobao App, so that you do not get tangled I leave the images.

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Once you are inside the App with your registered user, you can start looking for the item you need, once you have it (check, price, size, measurements, etc) you must get the product link to be able to use the Wegobuy agent or your preferred agent for further purchase. See the Wegobuy buying guide.

  • Copy the link of Xianyu App
  • Paste it on Wegobuy
  • Ask the agent to purchase the product

When you are in the product look at the top where you will see an arrow, tap there and then click on the second option below, copy.

Then go to your preferred agent (China Buying Agent List) and paste that link, follow the steps to have the agent buy that product for you. Complicated? I leave you the images.

Shop at Xianyu using Cssbuy

Remember that the purchase in Xianyu is a special purchase, so you need to clearly inform Cssbuy what you are going to buy, fill in the fields that ask you expert buy and make the payment for the product to proceed with the purchase, once the product is in the warehouses of Cssbuy will inform you to proceed with the payment of the shipment to your destination country.

Shop at Xianyu using Wegobuy

The same process applies to Wegobuy, when buying in Xianyu the link is generated which is different from those of Taobao, so you need to clearly inform Wegobuy what you are going to buy, fill in the fields requested in the form and make the payment of the product to proceed with the purchase, once the product is in the warehouses of Wegobuy will inform you to proceed with the payment of shipping your destination country.

¿Xianyu in English?

I would love to tell you that it is in English, but it is not, this platform works together with Taobao and is exclusive for the territory of China so you can not have it in English or another language, but remember that you can always use the translation app of your choice to help you find what you need. You can also see how to have the Taobao page in English.

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Xianyu official website

The official Xianyu website is:, but it will always take you to download the App.

Recommendations for Xianyu

  • Buy items that have the original photos, avoid generic photos.
  • You can chat with the seller and ask the agent to find out something you need.
  • Because many of these items are unique listings, the items will sell quickly, so try to decide before someone else does and get the apology message from your agent.
  • Lastly, these are pre-owned items, so don’t set your expectations high.