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How to cancel Taobao order? – Taobao Refound

In this short article I will teach you how to cancel order on Taobao and ask for your money back.

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Taobao Refoud Step-by-Step

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1. Log in to your Taobao account and click
我的淘宝 (My Taobao) and then click.
已买到的宝贝 (Products Purchased).
Cancel Taobao payment

2. Log in to your Taobao account
Click to cancel order).
Cancel Taobao payment 2

3. Fill in the form data
Select the options listed
Cancel Taobao payment 3

4. Select the most suitable option
Choose why you want to call off the purchase, you can also attach a file. Refund reasons

  • 拍错/多拍/不想要, Purchased wrongly/Purchased extra/Don’t want the item
  • 协商一致退款, The seller has already agreed to do a refund
  • 缺货, Item is out of stock
  • 未按约定时间发货, Seller did not ship the item out before the agreed deadline
  • 其他, Others

Cancel Taobao payment 4

5. Once the form is complete
Click the red button
Cancel Taobao payment 5

6. This image will appear confirming the cancellation.
In this image you can see the details of the canceled purchase.
Cancel Taobao payment 6

7. Go back to Taobao account and click
我的淘宝 (My Taobao) and then click
已买到的宝贝 (Products Purchased)
Cancel Taobao payment

8. Identify your canceled purchase
SA new symbol will appear next to the purchase that you requested to cancel and asked for refund.
Cancel Taobao payment 7

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9. Final process
In the image you can observe the 3 stages completed, informed order, receipt, and refund.
Cancel Taobao payment 8

Canceling a purchase on Taobao was the subject of this article, whoever, if your main goal is to become an expert in Taobao, go to this section and click here.

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In this short video you will learn how to cancel and request a refund of a purchase in Taobao.