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How to create an account in Taobao?

How to register in Taobao

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You’re going to have two resources to create an account in Taobao and set it up, the first is this article and the second is an explanatory video that I’ll leave at the end of this page, so let’s go. In the images we will underline with a box to tell you where to click or where to fill a field.

1. First things first: Enter
Create AccountT1

2. Click: 免费注册 (Free Registration)
Create AccountT2

3. Change the language
In this first record you can change the language, click: English (The only part that has Taobao in English)
Create AccountT3

4. Enter your phone number
Enressing your phone number, first selecting your country, swiping right with the sustained click in the sidebar, accepting the terms and conditions and clicking Next
Create AccountT4

5. Confirm the code
A your registration cell phone will arrive a text message with a verification code, enter that data in the corresponding box, click Confirm
CreateT5 Account

6. Enter the data to register
In this form enter the password to log in to, your email and your username, click Submit
Create AccountT6

7. Successfully created registration
Listo the first part (How to register with Taobao, has been successful)
Create AccountT7

How to add the intermediary’s local address in China

1. How to add the virtual locker address in Taobao
Log in, to do this click: 亲.请登录, within
Create AccountT8

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2. Enter the username and password
Enter the username and password we created earlier and click: 登录
Create AccountT9

3. Go to Account Manager
In the home page we click on the user and then on: 帐号管理 (Account Manager)
Create AccountT10

4. Shipping Address
Click: 收货地址 (Shipping Address)
Create AccountT11

5. Enter the destination address
Fill the form with the address in China of the virtual locker or Intermediary you are going to use.
地址信息: (Address)
详细地址: (Full Address)
邮政编码: (Postal Code)
收货姓名: (Recipient Name)
手机号码: (Virtual Locker or Intermediary Phone Number)
Create AccountT12

6. Important data in the address
And in this first section you must select according to the direction of the locker the data of:
省 (Province)
街道 (Street)
Create AccountT12a

7. Save us data by clicking:
保存 (Save)
Create AccountT13

How to set up your Alipay account

1. How to set up the Alipay account
Front process to make payments (Alipay is a payment processor similar to Paypal). On the home page we click on the user and then on:
帐号管理 (Account Manager)
Create AccountT10

2. Let’s authenticate the Alipay Account
Click: 身份认证 (Authentication)
Create AccountT14

3. Enter the code to validate purchases
A new window opens to fill out a form, the first thing is to enter a 6 digit code (Save this code, it will be used to validate payments to sellers) This step is very important, save this data!
Create AccountT15

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4. Fill in the following data
General Name
General ID
Number Expiration Card (We disable this option)
Direction of the virtual locker
Ok terms and save
Create AccountT16

5. Eureka Alipay authenticated
You should see how to open an account in Alipay and how to create an account in Taobao, now with this you can start searching for products in Taobao and the last thing you would need is to add a card to make the payments.
Create AccountT17

If you need to complete this guide, log in to the video on Youtube: How to CREATE an account on TAOBAO TMALL 2020


Here are the 3 Steps to CREATE a TAOBAO Account TMALL and you can shop online at the world’s largest online store.