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How to pay in Taobao with Alipay?

Find out how to pay in Taobao with Alipay using Visa and Mastercard franchise cards. Easy, fast and safe. Alipay is similar to Paypal. (payment processor)

1. Enter the shopping cart
you have in your shopping cart the products to be paid for, you must select the boxes on the left of each of them.

2. Click make payment
结算 (Make payment)

3. Confirm shipping address
This is the address of your intermediary or virtual lockerAlipay3

4. Confirm the final value to be paid and click on send order
Revising that there are no additional values, you can sneak some insurance or freight cost by sending the purchase faster (You also get discounts)
Click 提交订单 (Send order)

5. Enter the card details and click continue
In this section enter the number of the card with which you will make the payment

6. Enter the cardholder details
Name of the cardholder
Validity period card
Safety code

7. Enter your personal data
Direction 1
Direction 2
Postal code
The phone number
The last box is checked and click on the blue button

8. Payment made with success
Listo, the question of how to pay in Taobao with Alipay has been resolved, using a Nequi prepaid E-card.

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Remember that international transactions are made in Dollars, so you’re going to need a split converter.

Don’t know how to register for Taobao? Don’t you know how to get into Taobao? Here I leave you all the details: Click here

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💵 How to PAY in TAOBAO with ALIPAY 💳 NEQUI Card

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Find out how to make your with Alipay using the Nequi card. Easy, fast and safe. What is Nequi? –