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How to search on – Find your products quickly

How to search on Taobao? The entire online store is in Chinese, and that can make the searching process of your desired products a hard task, in addition to knowing that there are more than 1 billion products for sale on

Como buscar en taobao

There are three ways to search on (General search, photo searches, and category browsing)

The general search engine of Taobao.

Tabla de contenido

The biggest recommendation to find your expected articles is to translate from English to Chinese, since sometimes Spanish to Chinese is not the most accurate, to do this, you can check the following link where you will find the most common words in Chinese.

Buscador de

Once we have the words in Chinese, we proceed to enter them in the search engine and press Enter. Related searches may appear so you can take advantage of that to better segment your search.


Search by photos.

This option is only available from the App, the use is very simple, you just must download the App to your cell phone, log in and locate the camera image. Then you take the photo and wait for the result.

buscar con imagen taobao app

Category navigation

It is a way to do it, although at first it can be complicated, it will be difficult to become experts speaking in Chinese, but we are going to learn how to navigate the online store. The first thing to know is the meaning of each one of the categories, then you enter the subcategories to find the article you are looking for.

Como comprar en taobao
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