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How to talk with the salesman in Taobao?

Don’t know how to talk to the seller on Taobao’s page? Here’s how to contact him easily and quickly (AliWangWang Chat), remember that everything you write in this medium must be done in Mandarin and in China’s customer service hours.

I know that sometimes it is difficult to talk to the seller of, for that reason I recommend you to use a purchasing agent in China, I personally use Wegobuy this is my recommended one for you.

1. Download the AliwangWang program from its oficial
wangwang taobao 5

2. Select the option “I am Buyer”
It is the option “I am a buyer”
wangwang taobao 2

3. Select the Computer or Mobile Device platform
wangwang taobao 3

4. Select your Windows or Mac operating system
wangwang taobao 4

5. Download app weighing 70mb for computer
wangwang taobao 5

6. Install app Perform the installation on your computer, following the steps
Wangwang taobao 6

7. Go back to Taobao’s website And look for this blue icon, click on the
Wangwang Taobao 7

8. Click Launch app
Activate the box “Remember my choice for links…”
wangwang taobao 8

9. Enter the user data
Enressing the username and password
wangwang taobao 9

10. Ready, easy truth!
You can now contact the seller in Taobao
wangwang taobao 10


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Don’t know how to contact the seller on Taobao’s website? 🤔 Here we explain it to you easily and quickly. 😎. Remember to 👍 Download the app:

You can also use the Taobao App from your phone, learn how: Click Here!

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