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How to translate Taobao into English

Is it possible to use Taobao in English?, this is one of the most frequently asked questions and the answer is: YES, there are several tools that make it easier for us to browse it to find the product we need. The reason the page is in Mandarin is because this platform is intended for the consumer of China, so buying in Taobao without intermediaries is almost impossible, unless you have a friend there.

Se habla español

How to change the language in Taobao

You’ll need a translator. You can use the Google translate page or plugins depending on your internet browser (Google Chrome browser, Mozilla Firefox or Safari). But it doesn’t end there, if you want to browse the page to search for the products we need, you can also use the photo search feature of the Taobao App

And there are even more, many agents to buy in Taobao (China), have within their services assisted buying or (Buy for Me) and you can browse these pages with the information in English, almost like having Taobao in English.

do you speak english

An example of what you just read will be found on the

buy for me cssbuy

One of the intermedaries that has its website in English is Yoybuy, it is one of the few that has the service in our language.

Recommendations when translating Taobao into English

Remember that when you translate the Taobao page directly, (Taobao in English) you are using the service of a third party and this will affect its internal functioning, that is when for security your user account is blocked. Don’t do it!. Success in your purchases.
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