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What is Taobao? The Giant E-commerce Asiatico

Taobao Marketplace is China’s largest e-commerce destination, launched in 2003, this Marketplace provides consumers in large cities and less developed areas with an engaging and personalized shopping experience, optimized for analytics and big data technology. Through highly relevant, engaging content with real-time updates, consumers can learn about new products and trends. The merchants on Taobao Marketplace are mainly individuals, small businesses and it is a business of the Alibaba Group.

Guide: how to use Taobao in English

More about Taobao

Imagine an Amazon or an Ebay oriented to the Chinese market, a great platform where large companies and personal sellers can set up their virtual stores and that reported exponential growth in recent years positioning it as the most used and competitive virtual shopping portal of the Asian giant. That is that opened its doors online to the world in 2003 in China but that thanks to the globalization and high scope of the internet we can all enjoy its articles, novelties and products from anywhere in the world.

What Taobao means

Taobao (淘寶網), which means “Treasure Hunt Network” is part of the Alibaba Group, the leading e-commerce consortium founded by Jack Ma in 1999 that marvels at the Asian dragon for its reliability and the Hong Kong stock exchange for its profitability, second only to Amazon. Portals such as Aliexpres, Tmall and 1688 are also part of the Alibaba group.

Taobao is part of one of the 20 most visited portals on the Internet and in its catalog you can find millions of products. In the last section of this page we will show you how to buy in Taobao App and send it to your country, in the meantime, we tell you that you can find it in this online store China.

What to buy in Taobao

Whether you are a dreamer looking for a new high quality product at a good price for your venture or you are like me, who decides sporadically to buy online, in you can find a wide variety of items in the different categories it offers. Among its wide range of products are women’s clothing, men’s clothing and technological items such as the most outstanding. More info: How to buy in Taobao.

The Best Sellers

As already mentioned, Taobao contains a lot of products and articles at your disposal so it would take too long to name them all, so we will quickly mention the most outstanding, searched and purchased on this online portal.

Women’s fashion

If at this time you type in your web browser and enter the page, you will notice at the entrance the large number of women’s fashion items: clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and so on for modern, avant-garde and intelligent women. Trends, fashions and looks vary as much as the personalities of the women who wear and carry them, so it’s important that your page or shopping portal offers you that diversity so you can let your imagination run wild and choose freely.

Men’s fashion

We already talked about the fashion of modern women, but let’s not forget that the modern man also seeks to look attractive and imposing. We do NOT need to delve into the total transformation and evolution of the masculine style in recent centuries, that is more than obvious. Unlike the 1930s and 1940s where all men looked monotonously the same with their bags and hats, today there are men looking for a fresher, more comfortable and somewhat classic look, while others opt for something bolder, more attractive and even feminine. Briefcases, glasses, sneakers from brands like Nike, Adidas, sportswear, polo shirts, etc. you can find in and start looking like a David Beckham.


Let’s break the myth. In the technological field, products from China have a bad reputation for being cheap, low-quality products. But the reality is that online stores like has at your disposal highly reliable and durable technological items. It is for this reason that brand names like Xiaomi are increasingly searched on the internet by those who want to buy a product online in China at a good price, but of excellent quality.


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