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My experience BUYING at TAOBAO


    Unboxing Taobao Haul

    These videos are just a few of my purchases in Taobao, made this year 2020. Accessories were imported for cameras, motorcycle accessories Aima T3 Tiger X6, Mi Band 5, Xiaomi Air 2 se, Briefcases, Thermos, Xiaomi brand umbrella, among others. Learn how to buy in Taobao!

    ⌚️ XIAOMI MI BAND 5 and XIAOMI AIR 2 SE purchased in TAOBAO.COM 🔥

    Wow! The best bracelet of the 2020 Xiaomi Mi Band 5, purchased from the online store in China ▶️

    📦 UNBOXING TAOBAO 🛒 accessory for Electric Motorcycle AIMA T3 – VOLT EV1 – TIGER X6 🛵

    Buy an accessory for my Moto ELECTRICA AIMA T3 – VOLT EV1 – TIGER X6 🛵 in TAOBAO (China Online Store) and import it to COLOMBIA.

    📦 How to BUY on TMALL ✅ XIAOMI Gadgets 🛒 TAOBAO Unboxing

    This unboxing comes from (sister of briefcase, thermos, Xiaomi brand umbrella and more. 🥳

    📦 My EXPERIENCE shopping at TAOBAO 🛒 The BEST CHINA Online STORE

    We got a box from Taobao 6kg and this unboxing is for you. Cheer up!!! Bring your purchases from the online store (China).

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